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Slow and Steady

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Color Vibe Run

I’ve never been a runner, but a few years ago when I decided to lose weight, that’s exactly how I started- running. I must admit I have always been one of those yo-yo dieters, down a lot in weight only to gain it all back. It clearly hasn’t worked so well for me. After gaining 35 lbs while pregnant with Chloe, I just assumed it would all fall off with breastfeeding. Yeah, well that didn’t happen. I’m sure eating all those donuts didn’t help either. I am trying not to not be so hard on myself. I mean, I just carried this baby for 9 months! Well, it’s now been a little over 8 months and I think it’s time to push a little harder and start making goals for myself. (It has nothing to do with bikini season upon us?.) So, I decided I would join a few runs to build my endurance and keep me motivated in the gym. It’s always helpful to have goals to work towards. The Color Vibe was the perfect choice for my first run!

My beautiful step daughter, Sopia Scott

If you havent tried it, you must! First it’s great for families. The kids went crazy. And I saw plenty of little ones too. (Next time Chloe Grace!) I definitely recommend glasses for the kiddos (you don’t want paint in their eyes). Second, who doesn’t love to jump into a mosh pit and be splattered with color while dancing to some reggaeton at 9am?! It was so much fun to turn into a unicorn ?. And, for those that are just looking for a little motivation, a run like this doesn’t intimidate the novice runner. Overall, I feel grateful to be able to get up, run and choose healthy. I’ve always been fighting to look a certain way or be particular weight but after having Chloe I realized I can’t keep thinking this way. I want to be a positive influence in her life. This more about how I feel on the inside. I want to mindfully create a healthier lifestyle for me and my family.

It’s pretty simple, you have a choice! And I choose happy and healthy to have a better life for me and my family. If you feel like youre lacking in your workout, get healthy goals. Just start by setting small goals. Sometimes, we make big goals we just cant accomplish  because of our busy lives. Small goals equals big wins! You got this!

Hope you follow my journey. This is just the beginning.

Happy Saturday Lovelies!




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