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Baby Skin

We’ve all heard the phrase baby skin is silky smooth. But this isn’t always the case as newborn skin  can be rashy or dry.  Something, I was clueless about. I thought they would always have that beautiful silky baby skin and just glow.

Around 4 weeks, Chloe got baby acne. It wasn’t too bad the first few days, that is until it started turning red and spreading rapidly. She had a combination of baby acne, and Sebborhic Dermatitis. It was on her scalp, chin, ears, and parts of her body. It was draining yellow liquid onto her baby onsies. Even though everything I read and every pediatrician I spoke to a said, I was probably more uncomfortable than she was, that did not make me feel any better. She looked miserble. Especially her scalp. She would scrath so hard she would make herself bleed.  It broke my heart!

I decided to remove dairy from my diet (since I was, and still am, EBF), changed her detergent (used natural soap nuts in a Muslim satchel), bathed only in natural products. But really time, just time, was what helped her in the long run. Around 4/5 months her skin improved dramatically. Her scalp, however, was still bothering her. So I decided to see an allergist to hopefully get to the bottom of what was causing her so much discomfort. I made an appointment and they tested her on her back, for 6 most common allergies (nut, shellfish, egg, milk, wheat, soy). It took about 20 minutes and reults were in -egg allergy. It wasn’t the worst case, but that meant I had to give up eggs for one month. (I love eggs! Morning staple, so this was tough.)

After a month I noticed a slight improvement. I slowly introduce eggs back into my diet, and now eat eggs regularly (and dairy). As far as Chloe, she still scratches her scalp but it’s not nearly as bad as it was as a newborn. She’s also eating egg products as well. She had a few reactions the first few times, but is now doing fine. We are told we have to wait until she is 11 months old to give her eggs.

As far as her skin, at 9 months, she is still dealing with a bit of dry skin (mild case of eczema) on her feet, back of her elbows and knees and bit on back and stomach. I try to keep her moisturized throughout the day (a bit obsessed with this at times). I apply almond oil all over and take extra time to rub into her dry patches. She loves bath time! So I haven’t limited this even though I’ve been told that less is better for her skin.

A disclaimer: My expertise–or rather, my experience–is with basic, run of the mill skin problems in infants and toddlers. You should talk to your pediatrician about persistent irritation or anything that seems to be causing your child discomfort

Chloe’s Bathtime Routine

I try to limit her bath time to 5-10 minutes 3-4x a week. I do a daily quick wash with a washcloth before bedtime. I apply a 2 drops of almond oil to water for every bath session. 1-2x a week I will do milk bath (breast milk=liquid gold) and/or oatmeal Muslim satchel (blend oatmeal and place in a Muslim satchel. I place in water 10 minutes before bath session). I try not to use soap products and if I do I use all natural ones. As a new born I only ever used Organic Almond Oil along with organic wash cloths. Now, I will use Babo bontanicals or California baby from time to time. I pat gently pat her dry and immediately apply almond oil or coconut oil. I have used mustela to moisture a few times, and while we love how it smells I still don’t know if it helps her dry skin.

Now that we are in summertime and heat waves coming, we will definitely be at the pool a lot more. I would love any advice or suggestions on what to do to help protect her skin. I noticed after one pool day that her skin was extra dry.

This is just from my experience. I’m no expert. Keep in mind that every baby skin is different. It’s always best to consult your pediatrician if your baby has skins issue you’re unsure of. Just know that your baby will soon have that baby silky smooth skin.

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