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Can time slow down!

Hi lovelies! Hope you’re having a great week so far.

I seriously can’t believe my baby will be 10 months in less than 2 weeks. I know that I’m going to be so emotional over the next 2 months leading up to her 1st Birthday.


Everyone tells you to enjoy this time becuase it goes by so quickly. As a first time mom that can be hard sometimes. You live in constant worry, stress or over read about how to do something or you’re like me living in constant brain fog because you’re baby is still not sleeping. I know some would say it’s my fault, but you just do the best you can do. Years from now I won’t remember the sleepless nights, but how tiny and precious my little angel was. So for now (until I get the sleep training down & we move out) I am just clinging to Gods promises, staying strong, and trying to soak up every bit of my sweet angel. I truly feel beyond blesssed that I am able to stay at home and watch my baby learn and grow. I’ll never regret this when I look back years from now.

I want to remember everything about my sweet Chloe Grace, so today I’m sharing her current milestones and what she loves as of today.


  1. Crawling and cruising – I believe she started crawling a few days shy of 7 months. I was shocked to see her take a huge leap (and so happy to be able to witness that milestone). She’s been non-stop go since then and now crawls on all fours. She moved to cruising pretty quickly as well. I believe it was about a week later.
  2. Communicating- Mimicking everything we do or say. She has been communicating pretty well. She really loves to repeat and mimic dad more, so naturally her first word was, dada. She did say mama 1 week later around 7 months. She says, “mama, dada, hi dada, buh bye and recently, up!” She also likes to copys things we do like, pat her leg, pick phone, claps her hands etc.
  3. Dancing- Chloe loves our morning and/or mid afternoon jam session. She loves when we ask “Alexa Echo Dot” to play reggae or salsa music. (I’m pretty sure she will say alexa soon,ha!)
  4. Eating- Chloe has always eaten purees from about 6 months, but she was always more interested in what we were eating. So when I gained more confidence I’d mash it up with a fork and give her some. She’s pretty much over the purees. She loves sweet potatoes, rice & beans (my little latina), avocados, bananas, melons, chicken, corn, blueberries. The list is growing by the day!

Things she is loving at the moment:

  1. Chloe loves her stuff animals and she has tons! (Thanks Abuelita) She typically picks one and rotates weekly, haha!
  2. My mother brings us something new weekly (some are new and others are hand me downs from my newphew). Recently she brought us Magformers (its for 3 and up! lol) They are magnetic plastic pieces you can connect and build with. Well, Chloes just loves playing with them (and so do I. I build something daily. Sssh!).
  3. The remote controls. They need to replicate these in soft chewy form. We constantly have to take away and hide from her.
  4. Cell phone – she just loves this! I wonder why? I bought her a toy version and she was not having it.
  5. Chloe loves the park and being outdoors! It’s always fun to watch her be mesmerized with the sounds of the birds the leaves blowing in the wind. And her absolute favorite thing, walking Coco our chihuahua with her daddy in the morning. If he grabs the leash and does not pick her up, she has a melt down.

Moments with her have been the best times of my life. It’s not easy to do, but try not to stress the small stuff and just enjoy every moment with your little ones. It really does go by so fast. Wishing time could slow down!

What are some of your favorite memories of your little ones?


This Joyful Life

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