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Chloe Grace is 10 months today!

Today, my sweet angel turns 10 months old. And I am feeling a bit emotional as her 1 year is approaching way too fast. I’d love time to slow down so I can keep her little just a bit longer.

God knew I needed this sweet angel. She’s been the brightest light in my life and I’m forever grateful for Gods gift of her.

It has been such a joy and blessing to watch her discover, learn, and grow. I honestly could stare at her all day as she just marvels at the world around her. I love watching her stare at the birds and how she makes this sweet face when touches flowers or leaves and the way she watches her fingers move.  She amazes me everyday!

Chloe is a pro at cruising around the house now. She even crawls up the stairs ?. She stand for long period of time as well. She loves chatting and flirting with random strangers during our outings and just has the biggest smile the lights up a room. We have two teeth finally peeking through. And while we are not sleeping through the night (not even close ?), we have baby napping in her crib. Woot woot! (It was only in my arms before.)

I talk a lot about her sleeping (or lack thereof) but truthfully I’ve come to conclusion that every baby and every family is different. I am not comparing my baby or thinking that she needs to be at the same stage of sleep of every other baby. I know there are things I could’ve done differently but I don’t blame myself. I’m just a first time mama trying to do the best I know how. I learned that I was actually doing attachment parenting which is okay for me. I’m okay with holding her a bit longer and maybe today, I dont want to nap her in her crib and I hold her for an hour -I’m okay with that. I’m okay with her still sleeping in our bed. I’m just going to cherish the next two months even more because my baby will soon be ONE. This time, as they tell you, goes by so very fast. And I know that it is important for my health to get the sleep I need, so I will make adjustments when needed, but for now, I’m okay with holding her tightly in our bed.

Happy T E N months sweet peach ?✨

This Joyful Life

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