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Chloe’s One year Photoshoot

Hello Lovelies!

Chloe Grace turned ONE today! I still can’t believe my baby girl is one, and a toddler! How did that happen?! I know its so cliche to say time flies, but it more time that passes I realize how true it is. It seems like just yesterday I was marveling at her tiny little toes and her first smile. I remember the nights I’d rock her to sleep…..oh wait, I’m still doing that. But you know what I mean. Thankfully my baby, is still my baby and I have so much time to enjoy her. Now that her first year has come & gone, I promise to slow down a bit, not stress the small stuff and put my phone down to truly enjoy the moment with her.

I wanted to share with some of my favorite shots we did for Chloe’s one year photo shoot. We had friend from our church shoot these last minute and we couldn’t be more happy with the album. Thank you again Angelica! We did her photo shoot at Derwood agriculture Farm at sunset. This place was perfect and despite miss Chloe Grace being sick she did great! 

TUTU by mudpie




My mother bought Chloe Grace the sweetest outfit for her first birthday on etsy. Its by BohoBloomers. You have to check her shop out. Her pieces are so delicate and beautiful. 






She is our greatest gift! Happy Birthday Chloe Grace. We are so blessed that you chose us to be your parents. So proud of you my love! Cannot wait to share so many first with you. Daddy & mommy love you so much.



This Joyful Life

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