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Mama needs a break

Hello Lovelies!

Hope y’all are well! I’ve been struggling a bit lately. Chloe Grace is in that clingy stage and she’s brought it to a whole new level. I’ve been overwhelmed if I’m being honest. The last few weeks have been tough and I’m just tapped out. This sweet babe is not only been super fussy and clingy, but she’s also super sassy! Don’t let that sweet face fool you. This Mama needs a break!

Let’s face it, no matter how much we love and adore our little ones, mamas deserve and need a break. I haven’t been very good about this. Chloe Grace just turned 13 months and even though my husband will argue that’s been way more (and my mama), we’ve had maybe 2 -3 solo dates and a 2-3 nights out with couples in a year!

For a stay at home mama it’s pretty tough being home 24hrs day after day. I don’t even get bathroom breaks. So if I being really honest it’s not enough and I’d prefer to have a (long) day date and sleep all night. (Wink*wink*) That would be nice! My sweet babe doesn’t sleep through the night. Nope! She continues to wake 3-4 x and it’s been so exhausting to say the least.

My lovely husband, Eric planned a trip for the two of us this past summer for my birthday and while this is what I’ve been waiting for I can’t seem to shake the anxiety of parting with my baby. Not only are we leaving her for 4 days but our trip was planned for Las Vegas. I don’t fear anything happening there but just the fact that something so inexplicable and horrific happened in this city breaks my heart and makes  me want to stay home with babe even more. I know we can’t live in fear. I always put my trust in the Lord, and I’ve been praying about. We decided that we’d still make the trip. 

She’s just so little still! So my heart breaks to leave her, but a couples only trip is needed for my health and sanity. I know that our marriage needs this as we have been all consumed in our little girl this past year. It’s necessary to put our marriage first and we haven’t been doing a good job lately. 

I guess I’m just looking for moral support. I know my first trip away is going to be hard on both of us (harder for me!). And, I know she’s going to be well taken care of with my parents. It’s just hard not to worry and have anxiety as a new parent leaving your baby for the first time overnight. Maybe when I sleep in for the first I’ll forget and anxiety will be far away, or maybe I’ll just cry to get on next flight home. Ha! Motherhood! You’re filled with so much emotions (highs+los) all at the same time.

I’m going to miss this babe

I’m praying that my little girl won’t miss me too much and that mama gets the much needed rest she deserves and needs. Trust me, this vacay is all about rest + recharge.

When we were young(er) and every night was date night.

I am looking forward to time away with my hubby like we it used to be before Chloe. And who knows when it will ever happen again. So we got to live it! Wish me luck on my upcoming birthday trip next Tuesday!

Thanks for reading along.


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