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Pumpkin patch with the family


Hello! Eric and I are back from Vegas. I’ll be writing a post on that soon. So stay tuned!

We arrived at 8am on Sunday and jumped right back on our regular schedule. Well, we did take a cat  nap before heading to this beautiful farm. We love finding new places to visit on Sundays as this is family day with all the kids. Long scenic drives after Sunday church is our jam! Sometimes we just get lost and that’s ok! You never know what you may find along the way. Is that in a country song? ….I’m sure it is. 

We took a drive through Poolesville and found this beautiful farm, Homestead farm. They had a pumpkin patch, apple orchard, animals, local produce and more. It was a gorgeous day to pick apples, so we did just that! Everyone got right in and started picking.  Chloe loved picking the apples and putting them into her mouth, of course! We found some great pumpkins to carve in a few weeks and some fresh produce for a light dinner! Eric and I are so over food! Vegas food binge has us wanting to fast. 

Homestead farm was beautiful and the perfect trip for family Sunday funday. They had a small food stand with fresh cold or hot apple cider, light snacks, and ice cream apple pie of course! Along with farm animals to Local produce to hayrides, this is a must see farm. We’ve been to about 4 different farms this season. It’s great all around fun to do for kids of all ages. Especially while the weather is nice.

What’s a fun family event you do during the fall season? I’m always looking for new family events/traditions.



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