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Happy Halloween



Happy Halloween from my little M I N I!

Today will be her first trick or treating experience. Last year she was so tiny so we stayed home and enjoyed passing out candies and watching the little kiddies all dressed up. It will be my first experience taking my very own little one.

We have attended many pumpkin and now Halloween events and as excited as I am to take her around the neighborhood, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. When I get to eat all her candy, no kidding (maybe)?. I really am just over the hay stacks and pumpkin patches. Yeah, I said it! It’s my favorite time off year, but before Chloe I went to one maybe two. 

Chloe Grace has been super clingy this past week. I don’t know if it’s developmental or maybe molars ..who knows. But it’s been super exhausting! She doesn’t want anyone but me to hold her, and she expects me to carry all. The. Time. And did I mention she was attached to my boob the entire night! I sure do feel bad for her. She’s clearly going through something, but mama needs a break. Hoping I can sneak some time to relax this week and that my baby feels better. 

 Any advice mamas please send my way!

Enjoy Trick or treating or just relaxing at home watching scary movies( I remember when I could do that ).



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