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Holiday gifts for the homebody

Holiday Gift Guide for the Homebody:


Here are a few ideas (and some of my favs) for the homebody in your life, or yourself because who doesn’t hibernate during the winter season. We all deserve a little self care + cozy items in our life to unwind + recharge at home.

  1. I have these slippers and they are so warm + cozy.
  2. A cozy throw like this one will keep you warm all season long!
  3. A comfy henley is a must!
  4. Jogger fleece are so comfy, we all need a pair of these!
  5. I love burning candles when I’m home or with guests. I am loving wax candles lately!
  6. A holiday coffee mug is a great gift. I love these from Anthropologie!
  7. We all should indulge in Herbivore Moon fruit. Great skincare line if your looking for healthy products for your skin!
  8. Enhance your physical wellness with essential oils.I promise you it will change your life. These are great for the homebody!
  9. A great read is always good gift for the homebody.
  10. PJ’s, because Duh!
  11. Looking to get clean from the inside out? Check out this book!
  12. I love a cozy + softy robe and VS does it right! Also, watch out for their sales. I got one for $35!

I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for more Holiday gift ideas!

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