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Feeling good in Pinkblush

Morning lovelies!

Hope your week has been good so far! Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away?! Eek! I still have a few presents to wrap.

Hope your week is going good so far! I’m gonna be honest.. it’s been pretty rough the last few weeks. Chloe Grace is teething, super clingy, and fussy! And, she only wants her mama. It’s been crazy around here! There were moments last week where I just lost it! I ended up snapping at Chloe and immediately felt like an awful mother! I’m sure she’ll never remember those moments…but it was still a feeling of guilt and failure. You mamas feel me..Motherhood can be so insane and overwhelming, but then so incredibly beautiful at the same time. It’s filled with the ultimate highs and then the lowest of lows. It’s freaking nuts y’all! I try to remind myself that I’m only human and that it’s necessary to take a break! If I don’t fill myself up then I can’t be the best mama to Chloe Grace. Mommin’ ain’t easy y’all! Just remember – you. are. not. alone! Even though I know this, it’s always good to hear it.

I’m so thankful to my husband that reminds me to fill myself up when he lets me sleep in and takes Chloe Grace downstairs, when he goes in later to work (really, it’s because I’m grabbing his leg for dear life.ha!) and when he tells me that I’m doing a great job after having a meltdown. Mamas, its okay to not be okay. This kind of overwhelming love can be so draining! If it feels like taking care of yourself is too much to do, then its definitely time to put yourself first. Trust me I know, because I am there. I think taking small breaks is key. Just take a few minutes a day or an hour or two for coffee with the ladies or an overdue workout sesh. We gotta fuel up mamas! Everyone will be better for it. That’s what I keep telling myself anyways.

I love that each day is new and gives you fresh start. This past weekend we took a break to rest. Sometimes we all just need to put down our to do list , rest and reset. Well we did just that this past weekend! We slept in and then headed to Gaylord National Resort with all the kids for a day of fun! We all needed it.


I’m loving this sweet top by shop Pinkblush. It’s off the shoulder which makes it great date night look. And, for those of you mamas still nursing (like me)…this is so easy to do pull down +pop out (if that’s your thing). I paired it with a pair comfy skinny jeans and tall grey boots. If you want to checkout some nursing friendly tops or if you’re expecting they have a beautiful maternity line.  Dressing up has always been a quick fix to feel good. Pink Blush is making it easy with tops like this!






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