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That’s a wrap!

Happy Friday!

I finally finished wrapping! I had a plan to start early and finish a week before Christmas. I think I did pretty well given that I now have a ragging toddler and she’s not the best little elf. I’m typically that procrastinator, and wait until the last minute, but I can’t handle the stress of that with a toddler now.

I love wrapping believe it or not. I usually focus on 2-3 gifts for my loved ones that I wrap with extra details.  It’s all about the presentation. I love watching their faces when they see their beautifully wrapped present. We have Sophia & Brandon every other Christmas so it was pretty easy to wrap the night of or have hidden so they wouldn’t see it until Christmas morning. I’ll have to get creative with Chloe. This year we tried to keep it very small as far as presents. The kids don’t really ask for much, so it makes it very easy. I decided to buy a specific wrapping paper for each of them. I bought a beautiful Zebra holiday print for Chloe, a white and gold polka print for Sophia and this Gold and black Buffalo print for Brandon, and for my love I got a brown craft paper (which is my favorite for any occasion).

Target wrapping paper

Holiday Traditions

I think wrapping everything is so much fun, especially for kids. I think it’s also nice to wrap everything in your stockings. Even if it’s just a bit of tissue and a little string bow. Ever since Eric and I have been together we have enjoyed  some of our same traditions and adding new ones. Two years ago he wanted to try one of his favorite which was cut down our tree. At first I thought it was silly and be much faster if we just bought one from the lot. But, when we went with the kids it was beautiful. It’s all about the experience, right?! This year Chloe’s first year she would experience it, she fell asleep. Haha There’s always next year!

We love setting up Christmas morning and making it extra special for the kids. Eric does this even when it’s just the two of us.. it’s the sweetest thing. He’ll wake up extra early Christmas morning and make coffee, get pastries ready. Then he’ll put in all the stocking stuffers and put on some holiday tunes. All the Christmas feels! We love making Christmas last as long as possible. I mean you put in so much work just so it can be over in a few minutes, no thank you!

We take turns opening stocking stuffers. And then maybe we pour a glass of mimosa or cup of coffee refill. We may sit for a few minutes grab a muffin. I know- slowly torturing the kids. Then we head to the living room for presents. Again, we take turns! There is no free for all. Haha Eric will grab a present and pass to the first person. Typical they are numbered. We love to build up the excitement. So it will start with smallest gift to their big gift. So fun! And sometimes we stop in between FaceTime family….. oh the torture.  But I absolutely love it. It makes Christmas Day last so much longer. And I want to continue with Chloe.

We typically host Christmas brunch at our house. Very simple, but again all about the presentation. And this year we are doing matching pjs. We love to lounge all day- play games, eat and watch a favorite holiday movie. And for dinner we usually go out with family or friends. Korean BBQ is usually top of our list. I can’t wait for all the festivities to begin Starting on Christmas eve when we have a holiday with all my uncles, aunts, and cousins. We are up until 12 am when we count down for the kiddos.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Wishing everyone a merry and blessed Christmas !



This Joyful Life

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