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Lollipop Baby Camera// Review

Hello Friends!

I’m excited to finally share more about the lollipop camera! I’ve used it for over two weeks now and we are so impressed with all its features. They sent us this camera to try out and my only wish is that we had it when Chloe was a baby (but really, always my baby!).


Lollipop Baby Camera

It was beautifully packaged and I was so excited when it arrived! When I opened it, it was well organized and came with a simple instruction sheet that helped me to easily connect to a smart phone device. You use a smartphone as your baby monitor. I setup within minutes. After downloading the app, plugged in my the cord for the lollipop cam and registered, I was ready to use it! The directions are super easy to follow. What I love about the Lollipop camera is that you can hook it directly onto the crib or you can mount it on the wall. What’s also nice is that you can basically move the lollipop came easily throughout your house or even take on travel with you.


Mounting was very easy. You are able to just stick on to wall or use screws, it’s been holding just fine with the adhesive tape. We are in a rental so until we move this was the best choice for us. You then attach the tree piece to the mount and you can wrap your lollipop cam around it to get the perfect position.


Using the Lollipop Camera

Now that you are mounted and connected to the app, you can begin to use the camera. I love how easy everything has been, and the app is no exception. As soon as you open it you will see a picture on the screen. Just tap it to get the live view. You are ready! I love that it distinguishes when your baby is crying versus just muffling sounds! Another one of my favorite features is the event history! I used it the other night when we went out. It was nice to be able to see what was happening as it shows you history throughout the day. At 16 months you think I’d be better at leaving my babe, but not there yet. So when we had date night, it was so comforting to open my app and watch her sleeping. Other things you can do on the app are play music and speak through camera. I don’t really use these features,  it nice to have. Also, the app can be used by multiple people which is another plus for me. Another great feature is the border feature. You can set a border in the screen and it will alert you if there if your baby is moving outside that range. I haven’t used this but I think would be great for when the little babies beginning to move.

Live view from my camera- so clear even in the pitch dark.


The Lollipop camera overall is a hit at the Scott household! My favorite part is how clear the camera is even at night. And that I can watch her if I’m not home. Most of you know, Chloe Grace rarely sleeps in her crib, so this mostly is used for napping which has been amazing. In the last two weeks she’s taken most of her naps in her crib! And, it’s also nice when I do nap her in our bed (because she tends to sleep longer ?) I can easily move the lollipop camera to my bedside and run around to get things done (like eat and pee ?).

You can check out more + watch a videos on all features here. And you can purchase your very own here.

This post is sponsored by Lollipop, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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