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DockATot Grand Review

When people ask me how Chloe is sleeping they are always shocked to hear that Chloe still isn’t sleeping through the night. The truth is, so am I! We discussed early on that Chloe would not be sleeping in our bed for many reasons, one being mama enjoys her sleep. So naturally I read stuff and shoved it all in my brain hoping I would somehow be able to get her to sleep through the night. The first few days were torture and I was pretty sure I was slowly dying. And I had no idea it was going to get worst. I remember waking up after 1 hour nap and my husband brought my screaming newborn to me and I asked him, “Who is that?! ” After the first few weeks of trying everything I was starting to feel defeated. We tried swaddling, putting her down drowsy, putting her in a swing, lullabies, white noise, everything. At most she would sleep 1 hour before waking. After many sleepless nights, and many nights of me sleeping with Chloe on my chest in my rocker …I just gave in and decided to put her in my bed next to me. This is where she slept best! And 15 months later she is still snuggled right next to us. The truth is this works for us, for now at least. We attempted several times to put her in the crib (aka CIO) but it always ended with two very exhausted parents and one fussy baby. (Ok, ok let me be real here…I probably cried way more than Chloe did.) So, we co-sleep, and this definitely helps me get some sleep.

Of course, there are still those nights that Chloe tosses and turns and wants me to hold her. Which is still so exhausting! Enter the Dockatot!


I waited to do this review because I really wanted to test this out and give my honest opinion. We received this about a month ago and we have been enjoying every second of it. As soon as I opened it, Chloe climbed right in and began to playing in it.


Our first time putting it to the test Chloe took a nap while I cleaned in the kitchen. It was amazing as her naps have not been the best either. (Now do you understand why coffee is life?!) She slept two solid hours and I was able to clean in peace. So far, I was impressed! 

               Her first nap in the DockATot!

Next was trying to put her in the DockATot Grand for bedtime. I was a bit skeptical about hearing of baby sleeping through the night. Chloe has always been a very difficult sleeper, but we were ready to give it a try! Luckily, we just upgraded to a King size bed so there was plenty of room for it in our bed. We did her regular bedtime routine and as she was snoozing off I laid her in the DockATot Grand. She did wake several times the first few times of trying this (again, Chloe is a very tough sleeper) but I was able to soothe her back to sleep and once she was down again I got 2 to 3 solid hours of sleep the second week. As I laid in bed and looked over at her I was in shock at how well she was sleeping. She only woke to eat of course and then quickly back to sleeping. Chloe typically tosses and turns so much that she wakes herself up constantly. At least that’s what I think. Who knows?! I’m still guessing it at this mom thing. It can be super frustrating and exhausting!

TheDockATot  has been helping keep Chloe snug so she doesn’t toss and turn. Its so amazing guys! My only regret is that I didn’t get this sooner! I mean can you imagine all the extra sleep we could’ve gotten. Any expecting mamas- You need to put the DockATot+Deluxe on your registry list. This is a must for sure!

              The DockATot Grand 9-36months

The DockATot Grand is the stage 2 dock for babies age 9 – 36 months. This size great for toddler bed transitions. What I love is that the DockATot is perfect for resting, lounging and napping. And it’s easy to move around the house and great for travel. This was perfect for my 15 month old.

           The DockATot+ Deluxe 0-8 months

The Deluxe is made for 0-8 Months. I would wait to buy the Grand until your baby outgrows the Deluxe+, which I hear can fit many babies up to 12 months+. The Deluxe+ is great for babies who love that swaddle feel as it will keep your baby more snug.

The materials used are natural, breathable, washable, OEKO-TEX certified and hypoallergenic. All filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers and offer hygienic and non-toxic properties. The DockATot is designed with love in Sweden and made in Europe.

Prices range from $175 – $290. I think when I was pregnant and deciding whether I needed something this pricey I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. But let me tell you mamas, Y E S it is! Sleep is priceless. Am I right?! And after using the DockATot and discovering all of the amazing benefits we 100% recommend the DockATot.


We are so happy with our multi-functional lounger! We only wish we purchased the deluxe+ when Chloe was a newborn. So trust me, save yourself some sleep, and purchase the DockATot deluxe or try the Dockatot Grand if your babe is older. We are enjoying this so much and have a feeling she will be using this for a long time. 

This review is in collaboration with DockATot. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not reflect the ideas of the brand or others. 

If you have any questions about the DockATot Grand I’d be happy to answer. I hope you enjoyed this review.



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  1. This looks amazing, I feel like it’s the perfect nook, especially for co-sleeping! I so wish I had one of these when my twins were little, there was very very little sleep in our house and I believe this could’ve helped us out! So glad you are getting into a rhythm now! Cheers to some Zzzz’s!?

  2. Awesome! I seriously want one of these for my little lady – she’s 6 months old and we need all the help we can get with sleep! This would totally help her feel more cozy in her crib ?

  3. I’be been thinking about getting the grand for our little guy. Our story sounds a lot like yours. Our little guy just turned one and is still in our bed! The specs say it is 24” wide, it seems like this would take up a ton of space in our king size bed and we’d end up feeling crowded.

  4. I was wondering what size your bed is with the dockatot grand on it. I’m contemplating on getting the grand but having 2nd thoughts as it might occupy the whole queen sized bed.

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