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Chloe Grace// 17 months

Hello there!

It’s been awhile since I updated on Chloe Grace. I never want to forgot these moments with Chloe Grace as they are fleeting! So today sharing update on Chloe Grace and more.

Chloe Grace is 17 months! I can’t believe she will be one and half years old in a few weeks. It feels like her first birthday was just yesterday.

Our little babe has grown so much! There are times I look at her and she looks like so big! And I’m like, “time please slow down!” I’m always torn with wanting to keep her small forever and looking forward to seeing her grow!

Sleep at 17 months:

Some say it’s my fault (and who really knows ??‍♀️) that Chloe Grace is still in our bed and not sleeping the best! We’ve had good nights and many bad nights. She typically wakes 3-4 x to eat but thankfully goes right down. It’s still hard and exhausting for this mama! 

I’ve been told that if I stop nursing it might help, and yes maybe that’s true! But I’m not just going to stop just because. Initially, I said I’d let her self wean, well that never happened and honestly I don’t see it happening anytime soon. She loves the boob! ??‍♀️ I had so many terrible nights where I woke up in the morning and said, “ Today is the day I no longer want to breastfeed.”

There are many reasons I continue but the most important reason is (most of the time) I still feel like it’s beneficial for both of us and enjoy our nursing sessions so much. I think like most moms, no matter how long you nurse, it’s bittersweet when it comes to an end. As much as I talk about how exhausted I am and wishing I could have a break, I truly love our nursing sessions. So here we are 17 months of nursing and I think I’ll continue until she turns 2.  My plan is to start weaning three months prior. Until then our bed it is! And we are just going to make the best of it! As they say, one day we won’t remember the long grueling nights, but just all the sweet cuddles. They are only little for such a short time. So this mama will just be surviving off double shots of espresso until then. ☕?

I feel so fortunate to be able to stay home and raise her full time. It’s definitely one of the hardest jobs on the planet. And I give so much credit to moms raising more than one – y’all are my super hero! It’s all consuming, overwhelming but so incredibly amazing at the same time. But let’s face it, some days ya just want to pull your hair out! Am i right?! Staying home with my babe allows me to teach her Spanish. I only speak to her in Spanish, as well as my parents. She’s been learning so much and surprises us everyday. I don’t really know if she behind or ahead we kind of just go with the flow. I stopped checking my apps that tell me where my child should be. And of course I don’t pay attention to the other moms raving about how much sleep they get ? or how there 1 year old is spelling already ??. And if they are freaking amazing! But we are ok at whatever pace Chloe goes. 

Chloe understands so much of what I ask her but these are the words she says now in Spanish (she literally just picked up like half these words last week when we were on vacation in Nicaragua):

hola, Agua, pica, ojos, oreja, Mano, lava, pelo, pies, Uno, Lengua, jugó, gracias, de nada, crema, luz, Más, Leche, mama, papa, Hi bye and No Not as many in English but almost.. she tries to repeat. She can’t say these perfectly of course but she says her version and understands. My hubby can’t understand half the words he thinks she saying the same thing lol. 

We are working on numbers and going through  colors now. Honestly it’s all just repetition. They are so smart and absorb everything! They may not say yet, but it will all just come flowing out one day. 

It’s  been such a blessing spending my days with her but like any mama running on empty is no good for anyone. So 2018 is the year for more me time. We all have a bit of mom guilt and it’s taken me awhile to feel like I can let go, and know that it’s going to be ok. We are currently looking for a sitter to help me out two days a week and my mom coming at least one day week, will allow for more me time.  

Chloe Grace is super attached which is another reason I decided we must do this. It will hopefully help her get use to me not always being there. She’s only ever been with me. I left her 1 x for 4 days (which was torture). And we’ve been attached (literally) at the hips ever since! The plan is to get her in early pre school at 2 years old for 2 days a week. That’s the plan y’all! 

Wondering what I will do: workout, have coffee, grow my blog, and you know all the housework that I can’t get done because of my clingy babe.

Overall, my babe is a healthy thriving 17 month old. We all have different ways we raise our kids, make different choices for sleeping (some because there is no choice, but the sake of your sanity) but in the end there is no wrong or right way! We are all just moms doing the best we know how. So to all you mamas wether you’re SAHM, working mom, part time SAHM mom- you’re doing a great job! And we A L L deserve some me time! If we don’t give more to ourselves than how can we give more to our children. So just a little reminder to take some time today for yourself; have a cup of coffee, run to the store (alone), meet a friend, plan a date night or spa day! Just make sure to take care of yourself first! More on this later.

Do you co-sleep what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear more about your sleeping babes and if your co sleeping how did transition work out? (Because my plan is to get her out of OUR bed y’all?;) 

Hope you have lovely day!




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