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5 ways to be more present in your child’s life

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There are days that God reminds me, to stop, and embrace the craziness that is motherhood. Many days I’m overwhelmed and feel defeated. Just trying to be that perfect mom that has it all together. But, recently I’ve been trying to change my perspective and focus on the positive. I’ve tried to slow down and embrace the not so good days. I know it’s not always easy to do, but it sure does wonders for your mindset. 

Also, its helped me be more present. Sometimes with neverending to do list and just the craziness of motherhood, we miss the opportunity to be present.

Bib by Hnybaby//Pants Old Navy//Bebe Bow by Krza

I think it’s so important to savor these moments, even the through the chaos, because let’s face it time’s a thief! And one day we will miss all of this- chaos and all! Today, I’m sharing 5 easy we can be more present in our child’s life.

Bib by Hnybaby//Bebe Bow by Krza//Jean jacket by Baby Gap

Five ways to be more present:

1. Put away electronics. At home when I’m running around trying it get things done, it’s easy to turn on the tv and let that entertain Chloe. Or maybe I’m on my phone while she is playing. Recently, I have been limiting my usage for both of us. If you put a limit on your time it will teach them to do the same. Instead put technology away and spend one on one time just connecting with your child. When you focus your time on them they feel loved. 

2. Chores. I know this sounds crazy, but lately Chloe gets so clingy it hard to get anything done. But when I don’t get anything done I become a ball of stress. And that’s not good for anyone! So, I’ve been setting a few minutes aside to play with her and then get back to my to do list. And sometimes I just let her help me with the chores. She feels like I’m still focusing on her and we get things done together (sorta, lol). Also, this is a bonus because you teach your child the importance of chores. It’s never too early too start! Trust me we have teenagers too ?.

3. Don’t forget about you! Do something that makes you smile. When we are doing something we love, without our kiddos, we are reminded that we are not just a mom. If you lose your identity it’s easy to feel drained and not be fully present in our child’s life. The more we give ourselves, the more we can give to our children.

4. Let them be kids! Kids are messy, let’s face it! I’m not going to lie, I was that mom that was constantly cleaning up or wiping those dirty hands. But sometimes we just gotta let them be kids and accept the mess. If we are thinking about all the cleanup hours from now, we are missing out on the present. Watching their little eyes light up as they pick up dirt. It’s the most magical thing to watch the joy in their little eyes as they discover the world around them, don’t miss out by focusing on the mess. 

5. Adjusting your calendar of to do’s. There are days I’m overwhelmed with motherhood. I feel like I always fall short. I’ve been creating these to do lists and while they have been helpful they can also become stressful. When I don’t accomplish something I get overwhelmed. But sometimes it’s ok to adjust your list. I mean the laundry can wait, you can vacuum tomorrow, right? I’ve been putting things to the side and focusing on playing with Chloe and watching the joy in her eyes. Those are truly my best days! The pile of laundry can wait!

I’ve been embracing the craziness of motherhood and truly trying to be present in my child’s life. I know that it’s not always easy but when we try to set our intentions for the day and focus on our little ones, you truly feel amazing. Time is fleeting and these days spent with them will soon just be memories. 


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What are somethings you do to be more present in your child’s life? 

This post is sponsored by hnybaby but opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. These are great tips! I definitely know what you mean about the chores and Adeline is sooooo clingy right now! Those carriers help when I’m in a pinch! Love this blog!

  2. These tips are so great!! I too have been trying to eliminate “to dos” lately from my days! Just trying to be less stressed

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