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A daily reminder, to be kind to ourselves

You’re not a parenting failure. This is what I tell myself when things don’t go as planned.

These days with all the standards we are trying to meet for our children, it’s easy to feel like a failure.

We may be frustrated or overwhelmed when things don’t go as planned, when we feel like our children should be sleeping through the night by now or we  we can’t finish the long list of to dos. It’s hard work guys! And the pressure around us doesn’t help.

There are days I feel like I’m not a good mom. Chloe has not been sleeping through the night since she was as a newborn. And the older she get she’s more attached to me than ever, naturally! She is nursing around the clock. It’s exhausting guys! There have been many times I heard that it was my fault and it wouldn’t bother me, because there will always be people that have something to say. But other times it does make me feel like a complete failure. At the end of the day I am doing the best I know how for me and my child. 

I am doing a better job of reminding myself that all of this is just temporary. My babe will sleep one day. When that day comes I’m sure I will miss holding my sweet babe and cuddling with her through the night. I’m trying to silence the noise and let go of trying to be prefect. For example, today I got out of the house with a barley there ponytail and nothing but a pinky sized dab of concealer for my tired eyes. I looked like death guys! I kid you not. A mama at Chloe’s Spanish class asked if I was tired. 

Umm, yes! I’m a mama. 

I grabbed my first cup of coffee at 11:30 am, food to nourish my body and jumped in the car to nurse Chloe to sleep so I could drive home in peace.  (This was my alone time guys. Do what ya gotta do to have your time.) And, I almost shrieked when I looked in the mirror—It was pretty bad! But ya know what though.. it’s ok. I got out of the house despite how I was feeling. I haven’t been able to get to the laundry or dishes yet, but that’s ok too. my body told me I needed rest today.  After  a little meditation and reading the Bible this afternoon, I’m happy to say I’m feeling at ease. It’s ok to let go of being perfect, put things on the back burner, and not be so hard on ourselves when they don’t go they way we planned. I just felt the need to say what was on my heart today. And that’s to give yourself love today! 

Today, I rest my worries with my lord and savior. HE gives me strength during this challenging and sleepless season of my life.

There may be challenges that we face as a parent, let’s face parenting is not easy. But we need to love and be kind to ourselves first. If we can’t give to ourselves first how can we be there or be kind to others. Allow yourself a break and remind yourself that this is just a season in your life. And don’t forget to reach out to others that will lift you up or to whomever you seek on a spiritual level. This one is important too guys! And remember you’re not alone.

From one sleepless, imperfect mama to another we got this! ??

The one that motivates me everyday, my moon child.


What are some things you do to bring peace and calm during the stressful or busy season in your life?

This Joyful Life

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