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3 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches I’m sure you are thinking about ways to celebrate the amazing dads in your life.

I feel so lucky to have an amazing Husband who is the best dad to Sophia, Chloe & Brandon! We can’t wait to celebrate him. Chloe is such a daddy’s girl! I just love seeing her eyes light up when he comes home. It just melts my heart. Lately, she’s all about morning walks with her Papa. Since he works late nights morning walks become their special time.

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We can’t wait to celebrate You!

Three ways to celebrate Father’s Day!

  1. You can celebrate with a simple Breakfast in bed! It’s so nice to host a big brunch or go out to a fancy place, but I’m sure Dads don’t care about making a big fuss and would love to be surprised with breakfast in bed and quality time with the kids. Keep it simple my friends 😉
  2. You can help the children make handmade cards. I would always do this with Sophia & Brandon and Eric would love it! He definitely appreciates the love and time we put into it. And he saves all the cards, just like me.
  3. Take him to a place he enjoys! It can be outdoor field to play games with the kids to his favorite restaurant or his favorite sport, like fishing or baseball game. 

I think the most important thing is just eliminate the pressure, keep it simple, and make it all about him. Take this time to tell him how important he is and how much he means to you. No matter what you do he will feel appreciated!

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What are ways you celebrate Father’s Day?



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