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Sweet Defeat//Stop Sugar Cravings

Hello Friends!

If you don’t know by now I have a major sweet tooth. I don’t really count my calories when it comes to sweets. And with Chloe loving ice cream now let’s just say I probably am eating more than I should. That’s why I was so excited to learn about Sweet Defeat.

I want to cut back on my sweet intake so when I heard about Sweet Defeat  I was excited to try it and was praying it would work. I feel like I eat a well balanced meal but when it comes to sweats I have no self control. And I’m not surprised! Did you know just one bite of sugar can activate your sweet taste receptors for up to 30 minutes?! It’s no wonder I can eat an entire pint of ice cream. Don’t judge me we’ve all been there, right?!

So what is Sweet Defeat exactly? Sweet Defeat is a plant based mint-flavored lozenge. It is that clinically proven to help stop sugar cravings within seconds. How does it work? Sweat Defeats patented formulation helps bind to your receptors which blocks the sweet taste so you can’t taste something sweet, when I go to take a bite of a donut, it doesn’t taste sweet just sort of doughy! Since you can’t taste sugar for up to an hour, that craving can’t be fulfilled and eventually passes, how amazing is that?! I just dissolve one Sweet Defeat lozenge on my tongue immediately after any meal. This also helps me when I feel a craving coming on. It’s pretty amazing how fast it works.

I always take two with me just in case I get the urge. Each is individually packaged so they’re easy to take on the go in my purse. It’s really helped curb my cravings and keep me in check. I’ve also taken it right after one bite of ice cream and I don’t finish the entire pint. Hooray!

Thanks to Sweet Defeat I was feeling so good and energized by the end of my first week trying it. I also wasn’t having strong cravings like I use too! The best part is it’s made of high quality plant-based ingredients so I know nothing funky is going into m body.

I know I’m not the only with a major sweet tooth, right?! I feel so much better cutting sugar out of my diet and I know you will too. Recently, I’ve talking about how I have no energy. I was drinking so much caffeine just to get through the day! Who knew that my sugar intake was part of my low energy levels. I feel so good I’m going to try to go an entire 30 days without sugar. Who wants to join me on this journey? I promise you won’t regret it!

To learn more click, Sweet Defeat!

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