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Beddy’s Beds All in One Zip Up Bedding

Hello lovelies!

I’m so excited to share with you the best bedding! Somethings I despise the most are folding the laundry and making the bed! That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Bedddy’s Beds!

I can’t wait to get one for our bed soon! But for now we wanted to try this for Chloe’s new toddler bed. What is Beddy’s Beds you ask? It’s an all in one comforter and sheet. It has elastic so it fits right over your mattress and all you have to do is zip to make your bed! How cool is that?!

Inside their is a comfort panel that is a soft minky material. You can pull it out for more coverage and a polished look.

When you’re ready for bed you just jump right in! It’s so soft and comfy. I know tested it out. When you get out of bed all you need to do is zip it right up. So easy guys! This is great for your toddlers and so easy for them to start learning to make their own bed. 

I chose Chic White for her bed mostly because I’m not sure what I want to do with her room when we move in September. I also got a bedskirt from Bedddy’sBed.  It was so easy to put this on. It just goes right over box frame and voila! I love that it is the perfect length for her bed. I’m so excited to do her room. Stay tuned for a blog post this fall!


I love that this is all in one comforter and sheet comes with a pillowcase + sham. The material is so nice and I love the detail ruching on her comforter. This Chic White is great for a toddler room or your master suite room. You can check out Beddy’s Beds here. Also, anything over $50 you get free shipping.

Happy Shopping!



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