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Crane Cool Mist Humidifier//Why You Need One

Since becoming a mom I learned the importance of having a humidifier. Now, we have one in every room and in our living room. I’m excited to share with you why it’s important to have and why Crane is so amazing!


Crane Humidifiers are designed with efficiency, style, and function in mind. I love their sleek rain drop style as well as their fun kid friendly ones. You have many to choose from for your nursery or toddlers room. We picked this very cute Hello Kitty one for Chloe’s room. You can choose one to match their room or personality!

Pediatricians recommend using crane cool mist because it is not warm which could be dangerous for a child. Another reason is that Crane uses mist not droplets which can be bad if it soaks the carpet or would floors. Also, their is no filter required to change which is great as its very easy to forget. You do want to ensure you are changing the water once a day so your mist is fresh daily! The Crane Humidifiers run on a gallon a day. This is awesome because less chance of sitting water which can create bacteria.

I also love that it’s not loud when on. You can barley hear it at night, which is great so it won’t disturb your newborn or toddler when they sleep.

Another reason Crane humidifiers are great is that they are so easy to clean. Crane Humidifiers don’t have any complicated removable parts that could create bacteria build up. When I change the water I add 2 T of white vinegar to ½ tank of water into water tank and as well as with the water basin.  You shake and let sit for 30 minutes and then rinse out with water. Watch video below.

Our family loves Crane Humidifiers because most of us suffer from dry skin and with 3 kids in the house, someone is always sick! That’s mom life for you. It doesn’t only happen during cold + flu season either. When you have kids a cold can hit you anytime so we are always prepared. Chloe started preschool a few months ago, so she literally has the sniffles every other week. Thankfully, Crane Humidifiers have been helping her stuffy nose.

Humidifiers add moisture to the air which can help with dry skin, congestion, sore throats, and allergies. Adding humidity helps open up the airways and relive congestion allowing you to breathe easier and have a goodnight sleep. So important when sick. Humidifiers help keep your family healthy! That’s why we love keeping one in our living room where we spend our time snuggling and watching TV when someone isn’t feeling well. This particular day Chloe had another cold. 

As moms, we want the best for our children, that’s why I choose Crane Humidifiers for our family. Did you know, newborns breathe through their nose for the first 3-4 months. Humidifiers help clear their nasal congestion allowing them to sleep better. This is definitely a baby registry must have! Can you believe I didn’t even have this on my registry.

I’m so happy I learned how important it is to have one and how to clean one. We don’t want any bacteria spreading. So make sure to clean your humidifiers. Crane makes it super easy! Also, by cleaning your humidifiers properly you can use them for years to come and you help by reducing unnecessary use of resources and emissions making a new one.

I love everything from their sleek, kid friendly designs to health + safety to easy cleaning! Crane Humidifiers have it all! Check out all the styles and colors here.




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  1. We have a Crane too and love it! It’s so quiet and I love the color that it lights up when it’s empty!

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