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Dining Room Refresh with Hudson Valley Lighting

Hey Friends!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! I wanted to share a home update that is long overdue. We moved into this home last September. You know how hard it is especially with kids to settle in, unpack, and start decorating. We have slowly made small changes to our dining room, like lighting fixtures, painting furniture, and hanging frames. I wanted to share this space first because I just love it so much! We are so excited to have family & friends over to start entertaining!

We added this beautiful modern Liberty lighting fixture from Hudson Valley Lighting. We wanted a piece that stood out and this does just that. We are blending modern and antique in this room and I love how it is all coming together. Eric has a few antique pieces he just can’t let go of like the dining room table and this Hutch. And I love Modern touch so we thought we would just blend them together. What do you think so far?

Our dining space is open and looks down below into our living room, so it feels much larger than it really is. Originally we were going to hang this lighting fixture in our living room but thought the dining room would be a better place with the help of an Interior Designer, Lisa Stevenons Interior. You can contact her here.

We love these are prints in our dining room we picked from We think they truly helped bring that space together. All that we are missing is a rug! Lisa helped us with that as well. Matching colors based off of our prints. She even helped us with ideas in our living room and what we could change or add to make both spaces blend together! We were able to find her using I definitely recommend her whether you are making big changes or just need help with colors etc. Lisa offers full interior design services.

We will be finishing a few other things before baby comes if I am being honest. Mama is busy and super exhausted! But we are almost there. We have two large black + white prints that will go above the Hutch. This table will be longer so we are looking for two end chairs with arm rest. And maybe a little soft grey paint underneath the molding per Lisa’s recommendation.

Hudson Valley Lighting has high quality lighting fixtures for every part of your home! And with four family brands, they offer something for every space of your home, you are bound to find a few that you will love! Thank you Hudson Lighting!

Do you guys like our small updates? We can wait to finish this table (Eric is working on it) and our rug. Take a virtual look of our rug from Rugs USA.

This Joyful Life

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