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DIY Ghost Garland// Halloween Decor

Halloween is such a fun time of year! When I was younger I’d have a Halloween Birthday party well into adulthood. Honestly, I look forward to it because it didn’t feel like it was about me. We decorated and everyone got to dress up. So much fun!!

Now that I have a little one I have to say, I enjoy it even more! This year is Chloe’s first year she understoods more and loves to pick out Halloween pumpkins and help me decorate. I’ve been having so much fun. I even decided to try a little bit of DIY. If you know me I am more about buying it done haha. I’m not that creative but that’s what pinterest is for, right?

I ordered this one. I decided to make this too made this fun Ghost Garland. I found this DIY Garland from some blogger babes sharing their DIY Halloween Projects. I decided to give it a try! So if you’re thinking you can’t do this trust me YOU can!

You will need:

  1. Glue Gun or Elmers Glue
  2. Yarn. Your choice of color(s).
  3. Ribbon, string to hang your Ghost
  4. Small felt balls. I couldn’t find any and cut some out using felt paper.
  5. Scissors
  6. Small book to wrap yarn. About 6 inches long.

Step 1

Grab your yarn and start wrapping book about 50-60x. Cut the yarn. 

Step 2

Cut 5-6 inch piece of yarn. Place underneath yarn loop and pull towards top of book and make a tight not. This is what you will attach to your string to hang Ghost.

Step 3

Slowly, pull yarn loop off the book and lay flat. Take scissors and cut the bottom of the loop to open. 

Step 4

Cut another piece of yarn not as long as the first one. Warp 1 1/2-2 inches from the top to make the head. Make a knot. You can cut strings that hang if it is too long. Now you have your Ghost.

Step 5

Use Glue gun to glue eyes and mouth.

Step 6

Wrap the Ghost on to your string and Volia! You have a Ghost Garland. You can use this LINK HERE to watch how I did it.

Also, you can add more to make it more full I got tired and wanted to make two. I added a few to make a small for Chloe’s kitchen.

I’d love to see if you made one or your Halloween ? decor. Tag me #thisjoyfullifedecor so I can see yours too!

This Joyful Life

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