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White Chocolate Chex Mix//Halloween Edition

This Chex Mix Halloween Edition is so good it’s like crack. I’m happy I only made one third. You can make a huge tray for a party by using entire Chex mix box.

This recipe requires no baking and is ready in 15 minutes.



Chex Cereal// I used a third for a small batch. You can use entire box for serving 14 size

Pumpkin Seeds with a touch of sea salt


Pretzel Sticks

Ghiradelli Classic White Chocolate Chips

Wilton Candy Eyeballs

You can use parchment paper or baking pan.  Melt your chocolate on stove top (or microwave). Spread your first ingredient flat on sheet. I started with Chex cereal, then drizzle your melted white chocolate using a spoon across. Next I spread pretzels down followed by white chocolate, then pumpkin seeds, followed by white chocolate and so on! Lastly, you add eyes throughout Chex Mix and place in fridge to cool and harden.

After about 10 minutes or when chocolate is harden you can break into big chunks and enjoy!

It’s so good your kids will be reaching for more! Chloe loved helping make this quick and easy Halloween treat. Perfect for a party or after school treat.

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