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Kids Holiday Gift Guide//2019

It’s that time of year again! Holidays are almost here and while I know Christmas is not all about gifts I wanted to create a list to help you pick something special for your little ones. I love seeing the holiday magic through our little ones. This year we have decided to keep it light with Christmas Gifts. I think that experiences are such a great treat and can sometimes last a lifetime for example their first musical or ballet (depending on age of course). 

Here is a list of ideas that would be great gift experience as well.

  1. Broadway show Tix
  2. Cirque Du Soliel Tix
  3. Magic show at your local theatre
  4. Trip to beach (maybe from grandparents)
  5. Trip to NYC
  6. Trip to Disney World 
  7. Mama and Me spa date (great for 4 and up)
  8. Swim Lesssons
  9. Dance School
  10. Cooking Class (depends on age)


Take a look at my Christmas Guide below:

You can also save this page as I will be updating it with new finds and/or sales. Happy Shopping!

Latest updates//

Chloe has been obsessed with her Pony Cycle. I love that she can use this outside or indoors because it is not motorized. It is easy to use! They have different styles. Great for Boys & Girls ages 3-7

Chloe had a motorized car when she was younger but has since upgraded to This Kidtrax Bronco and Disney Vespa. They are so awesome and actually play AM/FM Radio station. It also has lights an right amount of speed for your little one. Trust me, they will be in heaven if they receive this for Christmas. They have so many options for boys and girls! Great for preschoolers.

Imaginative play is great for our little ones. These items are great for boys & girls!

If you have a little girl that loves to play with your makeup, this is a great gift so you don’t have to keep buying new makeup. Chloe has broken so many of my lipsticks.

Instruments & musical toys are great for our children! Chloe has played with this from the age of 1 and she continues to reach for her music toys today!

This is on her wish list. She’s really into singing these days!

This! She has played non stop with painting and using the dry eraser broad. She loves pretending she is in school. This is a must have especially for any preschooler.

She loved both at age of 1 and she still is baby crazy! Chloe also loves her Elmo we recently got one that speaks Spanish too.

Now that she has enough dolls we are getting her some accessories like this baby doll carrier and baby crib by KidKraft.

More great gift ideas for boys + girls


She loves her Vanity set by KidKraft

This is one of her most used gifts ever! We love this KidKraft Kitchen so much. So much imaginative play and magic happens here.

Family PJs are so much fun a great gift idea. Here are some of my fav!

Hanna Anderson for little ones or entire family!

Old Navy Family Pjs

Target has PJs starting at $11.99

Gap has cute ones too! Currently 40% off right now.

and our family PJ’s last year are from LazyOne.

Stay tuned for more ideas as well as a teen list (I swear they are the hardest to shop for). I will be updating through Instagram stories. Also, if you have not subscribed to my blog make sure to do that so you stay up to date with my latest post.

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