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My Baby Must Haves//2019

Hey Friends!

I’ve put together my baby must-haves! I’ve had so many of you asking about what strollers, car seats and accessories I recommend. Since baby girl will be here soon, it only seemed fitting to pull together a list of all of the new and tried and true products I’ll be using for baby sis. 


Baby Must Haves

Swaddles are a must for newborns. I love these by Solly Baby. They are silky soft and lightweight. They also have some of the cutest sleepers that tie at the bottom. I can’t wait to use these for baby sis.

As a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect when Chloe was born. I had no idea that many babies can suffer from bad eczema and all types of skin rashes. Chloe had eczema and dry, itchy, red skin but thankfully it didn’t last long. She still has a little bit of dry and itchy skin but no longer suffers from eczema. When she was a newborn, we switched out her onesies and pjs to soft organic ones as well as her soap. This really helped her!

Delta Children Crib

I love these zippered and buttoned footies by Kyte Baby. We received a few of these and they are incredibly soft guys! I think these are prefect for newborns and their sensitive skin. I also love this super soft and silky sleeper. I highly recommend Kyte baby. All of their items are made with Bamboo fibers which is an incredibly soft fabric. It’s gentle, cozy, breathable, and absorbs & evaporates humidity better than any other fabric available. It breathes better than cotton and is also hypoallergenic. This is amazing for sensitive skin!

We are also super excited to use this set for the hospital by Newborn Nest! It comes with a fitted bassinet sheet to use instead of the hospital ones that can be a bit rough. It also comes with a matching Swaddle, hat and super soft blanket. Perfect to capture that first photo!

Soap nuts are a great option for washing their clothes, especially for babies with sensitive skin. It’s all natural soap and cleans their clothes wonderfully. I used this for Chloe after her breakouts. I love Babyganics and Puracy but during the time her skin was very irritated I honestly just washed her with almond oil.

I love using bamboo for newborns and babies. These washcloths are great! Also, Natemia brushes, made with natural soft goat bristle, are amazing and worked wonders for Chloe’s cradle cap. Something no one tells you about. 

We used so many bottles with Chloe who never took to any! Every baby is different so we are staying positive with baby sis. Dr. Brown’s came highly recommend but they never worked for us and the amount of pieces to wash was insane. After a lot of research we are going to try these by MAM. Easy to wash, great for colic babies, and will help with gas. They also are great transition from breast to nipple. Their pacifiers are supposed to be amazing as well. You can read a blog post I wrote about MAM bottles here.

We really loved the Halo Bassinet for Chloe. We kept it right by our bedside and she also took naps in it. I love that it is mesh and breathable for baby. Gives me peace of mind at night. Also, love the different motions and sounds for baby, although she was just a terrible sleeper despite all the swaddles and bedtime routines, I think this is wonderful to help your soothe your little one. We are praying baby sis won’t give us a hard time. Something that is new for the Halo Bassinet is this newborn sleeper insert. We just got one and can’t wait to try. They also have a new 3-1 DreamNest Rocking Bassinet. This will be great to have downstairs where I spend most of my time in my office nook. I love that this bassinet has attachments you can add like a diaper caddy. You are all setup! I think its pretty awesome that it rocks. I’m looking forward to easy diaper changes in this and putting her down in this while I work.

The Mamaroo by 4Moms is an awesome swing! We had this swing for Chloe and already have one setup for baby sis. It has 5 different motions that mimic parents movement as well car movement. We all know babies sleep well in cars. It plays sounds to help soothe baby and is also is Bluetooth enabled.  I love Mamaroo Sleek design. It’s perfect especially for those smaller spaces.

A few other essentials, like a baby carrier. I love Solly Baby it’s lightweight and breathable. I used this all the time around the house. I also love this one by Ergo Baby. When Chloe was a bit older and I gained confidence to go out alone and breastfeed her, this carrier was a lifesaver. I just positioned her to breastfeed and pulled over the cover and snapped in place. I was a pro in no time! I literally would be shopping away, chatting with friends and walking around while she breastfed.

Strollers and car seats// Our biggest mistake with our first one was that we got one that wasn’t lightweight. It was hard for me to pull out of the trunk. After a lot research and even attending a Graco event, I love how safe and well made their car seats are. You can find a set like this one here. We have this car seat for my husbands car and we can’t wait to install it. We also wanted to look into a great double stroller for both girls. I don’t think we will be using it that often as Chloe is older and she hates sitting in strollers but it’s always good to have one around. This Evenflo one is great! I have tried removing and adding car seats. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

I love these products by Baby Bum! This hand sanitizer  smells amazing. I will have one in diaper bag and we keep one in the car. This coconut balm is great! I love that you can use it for so many things like even your growing belly. I rub this on every night.







If you’re a parent you know that a sound machine is a must! We even have this portable one that works wonderfully for when we are out and about. 

This Bobby pillow is a must have item!

I love this to use in crib or on bed. Great to travel with as well.









A few items on hand to start off with that are good to have.

So more essentials!

and basics!


More essentials:

I love this Changing Basket by Pum & Sparrow. Such a beautiful additon to any nursery.  All their baskets are handcrafted with quality, care, and sustainability.

Some basics for your nursery room. We have this crib and love it! Great price, very easy to assemble! They offer some amazing sets as well.

Love these travel essentials. Cover for nursing, I didn’t have this addtion to my stroller for awhile and let me tell you it comes in handy!

We also were late to the game with seat protector. Our leather was abit damaged definetley reccomend this and mirror so you can take a peek at your baby in the back.

I never got this with Chloe but after so many failed grocery run attempts, this is now on my must have list!

Love this sound machine when on the go! We used this so much and Chloe was able to nap easil with this when we were out and about! Also, on my list is the owlet because peace of mind and sleep is important.









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