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DIY Gingerbread Style Home With Honey Maid Graham Crackers

“This is a paid promotion by Honey Maid and all opinions are my own.”

Hey Friends!

Today I am talking about one of my favorite Holiday traditions which is making Gingerbread Style Homes, especially since having Chloe.
As a kid this was one of my favorite things to do and I’m so happy to continue the tradition with the Kiddos. Today we are making two Gingerbread Style Homes using Honey Maid Graham Crackers.
Chloe’s favorite part is decorating and eating all the candy! I can’t blame her and we get so excited as well.
We love using Honey Maid Graham Crackers as the base. They are sturdier, flatter, and easier to cut than traditional Gingerbread. Also, they are tastier than any competitor in my opinion and made with real honey. I love that they offer wholesome nutrition for my toddler, so I don’t mind her snacking along the way.
What you’ll need:
-Honey Maid Graham Crackers
-Wilton Icing (colors of your choice)
-Candy for decor
(ex Oreos, Sour Patch kids, Swedish Fish, etc)
-Plate or cardboard box for base
How to cut Graham Crackers:
Start by cutting two graham crackers into Shape A. I used a butter knife to remove 1/4 of the cracker. Save the smaller excess pieces for snacking along the way! Cut the corners off the crackers. You can use the center lines as your guides and then create Shape B. Cut another two crackers in half to create Shape C.  You should end up with two Shape Bcrackers and four Shape C crackers. 
To assemble the gingerbread house, start by using your Wilton Icing along the bottom and sides of two Shape C’s, adhering your base. You want to carefully join together both Shape B’s at same time. This will ensure that you have a strong bond for gingerbread house.
Make sure everything is secure by giving it an extra squeeze. You want to let it sit for a few minutes to dry before applying the other two Shape C pieces for the roof. I like to add extra icing on the top of the roof because it looks pretty and I think it holds it more securely. I then let it sit for 15-30 minutes before we begin the decorating portion.
In the meantime, we listen to Holiday tunes and set out all the decorations to prepare for the fun part!
We use yummy toppings like OREOs, Sour Patch Kids, and more! This is always the fun part, watching Chloe’s eyes light up as she creates her Gingerbread Style Home. 
Everyone joined in to help decorate! It was so much fun creating these holiday homes as a family. We even got a bit competitive on who made the best house.

Check out our fun Holiday homes! We love to display these and then decide who the winner is. 

Making and decorating Gingerbread Style Houses is a such a fun holiday tradition, and it’s SO simple to make your own delicious homes with Honey Maid Graham Crackers.

The best part is you can purchase at my favorite one-stop-shop Walmart, or for that busy mom you can purchase online here
Happy Holidays!
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