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What I Packed for The Hospital //Hospital Bag

Update: Baby is here 3 weeks early!

Chloe was beyond excited and thankfully bag was almost completely packed! But hospital really has everything that you need. I brought things that made it more comfortable while we were there like my blanket was a must, my oils and diffuser. Also slippers because shower was definitely needed. Also, didn’t use hair dryer at all 🙂 but all my other essentials were needed like lip balm, lotion etc. Hospital can be so dry on your skin. I basically lived in my maternity leggings. Loved having everything sucked in especially wearing those huge pads. Skipped the nursing bra and just wore maternity/nursing tank and layered robe or cardi over top. Slippers and socks were worn a lot. Stay tuned for birth story!

Hey Friends!

I can’t believe we are getting closer and closer to meeting our rainbow baby! I think Chloe is by far the most excited to meet her. She is so in love with her already.

Today, I am sharing what I packed in my hospital bag! Baby can come at anytime, don’t worry if you were not prepared. Honestly, the hospital has most of these things, but love prepping things that will make us more comfortable, like my own pillow.

My Hospital Bag Must Haves

I love this weekender bag! I thought this would be the perfect for our two day trip to bring baby girl home. It comes with a strap or you can use the handles. It fits so much stuff!

Packed this cozy set to go home in and my sneaks!

2 cozy PJ set with slippers and a pair of maternity leggings. I packed some nursing tanks I can wear with my bottoms and a cardi to stay warm during afternoon when people come to visit. 

You can also throw on a robe like this one to snap photos with baby if you feel up for it!

Dahlia Milkmaid Robe

I am bringing it in case but all depends on how you feel. You may not care for it! So cute to take when you get home though. We have this set and one for Chloe to wear!

Socks! I grabbed this pair that has grips on the bottom. Great for laboring in because hospitals can be very cold. Also, these granny panties are great! haha Let’s be real you want everything sucked in especially postpartum when you have to wear pads. I didn’t like the hospital ones they give you.

Flip Flops for the shower. 

Nursing Essentials

The hospital will have some of this like pads, but I will pack a few in my bag. A nursing bra is a must! I grabbed this set and they fit true to size and are very soft.

This nursing pillow was a life saver for me! Definetley a must!


Some people travel light and others like to pack more like a hair dryer. That’s me! It’s just in case probably won’t be washing my hair so I am throwing in a dry shampoo as well. As far as makeup I am keeping it light with the basics. Light coverage foundation, concealer, this Milk Makeup you can use for lips + cheeks, and that’s it. I am also bringing this Tula travel set along with my Laniege for my lips. Hospital can be dry and my lips always need extra TLC. I will also bring a few of my oils and extra chapstick + lotion.

For Baby:

We love this diaper bag from Fawn design! I will save videos of how I packed this on my highlights in Instagram.

There are so many pockets and zippers to store everything you need for baby. Plus, it’s stylish and sleek!


Newborn Body Suit and Onesies.

Swaddle Blankets

Socks + Burp Cloths

Going home outfit + car seat. It will be end of December so we are going with warm clothing and this cozy car seat cover.


And we have this sweet set by A Newborn Nest. It has a swaddle, gown, hat, blanket and matching bassinet sheet instead of the hospital one.

Check out my printable Check list. 




-birthing ball


-oils (lavendar)



This Joyful Life

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