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Hello Friends!

We are living in uncertain times. I know we are all tired of hearing about the coronavirus but I thought I’d quickly share what I’m doing with Chloe while practicing social distancing. I’m not gonna lie it’s been hard with Chloe and the little one but working on schedule. Waking up before they get up is key so I have some me time and prepare for the day. I am keeping her schedule similar to daycare so we start “Mommy School” at 9am.

9am-11:30 We will do activities/reading/play/artwork etc 

 She helps clean up while I prepare lunch

12:00-12:30pm Lunchtime then she helps clean up.

12:45 – 2:30pm is Nap time or quiet time.

2:30-3:30pm Some outdoor play weather permitting and close to house.

3:30-4:30pm Activity time (playdoh, kinetic sand etc. that are all stored in boxes)

4:30-5:30 pm Prepare dinner. She can help if she wants or choose another box to play with.

6pm Dinner

6:45pm Free time while I clean

7:15pm Bathtime both girls 

8pm Read books, play nighttime music, lights out

8:30pm Probably still tossing asking me for water, milk or one more song 

9pm Godwilling, Mama time

Things we are doing to keep Chloe entertained:

  • Backyard play
  • Walks with Coco in neighborhood
  • Bounce house indoors
  • Bike ride in front of our house/driveway
  • Play dress up
  • Tea party
  • Dance party
  • Play hide and seek
  • Bake for neighbors
  • write letter to friend
  • Play catch
  • Play duck duck goose
  • Indoor Picnic
  • Baking
  • Playing “I spy”
  • Practicing cutting
  • Practicing shapes
  • Practicing her name
  • Practicing letters
  • Building a fort
  • Playdough
  • Read Books
  • Disney Plus 
  • Kinetic Sand
  • Helping me clean
  • Helping me cook
  • Helping clean out her draws :0
  • Water play


Ideas are endless! I did buy a few items recently from amazon because we ran out of or thought they would help during this social distancing. Hope this gives a few ideas.

Praying that you and your loved ones are staying well during these challenging times.

This Joyful Life

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