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Lavender Infused Tito’s Lemonade

Hey Friends!

I’ve been on a Lavender quick lately. You already know I love my lavender oils, but lately I’ve been baking and using it in my coffee. Blame it on the quarantine. Today is gorgeous so decided to make Lavender Lemonade to enjoy outdoors. If you want to make a cocktail version just add a shot of Tito’s vodka.

Lavender Lemonade with Tito’s Vodka Recipe

-4-5 Lemons

-Lavender Buds


-Butterfly Pea (Optional)

-Tito’s Vodka

To make the Lavender Syrup you need to boil 1 cup of water, 3 tablespoons Lavender bud and 2 cups of water. Pour 2 cups of water, squeezed lemons, 4 tbsp lavender syrup, ice and blend. To get this bright fun purple color add 1 tsp of Butterfly Pea. Pour in a glass of ice. You can add 1 shot vodka to make it a cocktail. 

Enjoy Friends!

This Joyful Life

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